Panic Attack Drugs

Panic attacks respond well to drugs.

Drugs Available for Panic Attacks

When it comes to living with panic attack symptoms, you know it can almost take over your life.

Living in fear of whether or not you will have to suffer through another period of grief, pain, and discomfort is enough to put a panic attack into full action.

Fortunately a panic attack can be treated as there are some medications which reduce the symptoms and so people can enjoy life without worries.

Here are some of the medications that are prescribed for panic attack.

Panic and anxiety can cause heart problems.


This medication is one of the more common prescriptions for general anxiety attack treatment. It is a benzodiazepine, which can be used to treat short term panic attack symptoms that are experienced daily by many people.

It is not meant to treat ongoing and daily forms of a panic attack, but is helpful for many persons that have these symptoms once in a while.


Some drugs work on the nervous system to relieve anxiety.

Azapirones is a drug which works on the central nervous system in relieving the many symptoms of anxiety.

This drug can be found in many antidepressants and is the reason many people who normally would not take antidepressants do, because of their panic attack symptoms.

This medication relaxes the nerves and disables them to react when a panic attack wants to take control.


Some medications can become addictive.

This is a tranquil medication, used to help fight anxiety and insomnia.

Addiction to this drug is very possible as it’s very powerful and this is confirmed not only by patients, but also by physicians.

For extreme cases of anxiety, this is the medication most commonly used, but it can affect your lifestyle including your personality if not used accurately.

Suggestions how to take medications

  • Your doctor will prescribe for you, depending on the severity of the panic attack symptoms you have
  • It is vital not to decide on your own what medication you'll take so it’s necessary to consult a physician and by doing so you will resolve this problem quicker and easier
  • Using other people’s medications may help your symptoms at the time, but in the end you still need a solution set up specially for you for long term results
  • As medications tend to alter our body structure when used for long periods of time, the doctor may tell you to take extra medicine to be able to select the most effective one.
  • Almost certainly, at first you'll take lighter medicine as this is very helpful for your body to have power over the panic attack and then if there is necessary the doctors will increase your daily dosage.