Different Causes of a Panic Attack

Why Does This Happen?

Panic attacks can cause heart attacks.

The real and true causes of a panic attack disorder have not been discovered yet.

Opinions differ if it is caused by on heredity or a stressful life style.

Because the reasons behind a panic attack disorder may be very different the symptoms appear can be very surprising too.

Whatever the causes, the effects or the symptoms are more or less the same.

The sensation experienced in a panic attack is that of fear for one’s life.

Research has shown that a panic attack reflects the same symptoms as a life threatening experience or a false feeling of dying.

How Long Does a Panic Attack Last?

Anxiety attacks can be dangerious.

When experiencing a panic attack, the person actually feels as if they were really dying: dizziness, fast heart-pumping, faint, everything.

These types of symptoms can last for anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

As we learn more about the problem, the treatment of anxiety attack disorder has considerably improved.

Years ago a doctor would only prescribe some medication for controlling the stress, hoping that the fear would also disappear.

Today with of a developed technology, a good doctor will try and help you find out and understand the real causes of the disorder. The panic attack is then treated with a prescription schedule to help prevent any future attacks.

Technology is effective against panic attacks.

Recommended medication

In case of panic attack, doctors prescribe medicines that can soften the effect of the attack or, moreover, even eliminate it totally.

Many of these drugs are used also in depressions, because they eliminate stress and frustration.

These medicines help to relieve anxiety levels which are believed to be the main causes of a panic attack.

What Kind of Therapy Works Best?



Along with these drugs, cognitive behavioral therapy with a psychologist or physiatrist is generally recommended.

This fights the problem on two levels, helping the person manage the problem of the panic attacks while also finding out the causes of the attacks.

The combination of these two therapies will attack the believed cause of a panic attack and prevent future attacks.

If you experience a panic attack even only once, it is very important to get the help as soon as possible in order to cure it.

Most people need help to gain the understanding to defeat this problem as well as the medication to help them through the present.

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