What is a Panic Attack?

Understanding what causes a panic attack is important.

Stress and Panic Attacks

Anxiety disorders have a pretty clear cause: stress.

The condition can be made worse by improper eating habits, lack of physical activity, and insufficient stress relief.

Combined with these factors, stress makes it impossible for the person to heal.

Anxiety disorder panic attacks happen if the sufferer is not handling the stress properly and/or allowing other situations or people to interfere with normal stress management.

This disorder is the body's way of trying to cope with defferent stressful situations.

The appearance of an anxiety attack is never chaotic. That means that they are connected with an event and do have a "reason."

Thirteen out of every one hundred people in the world population suffer from anxiety attack disorder. This number includes sleeping disorders too.

More women are affected than men

It usually starts by affecting the body but can end with taking control over your whole life.

This disorder can effect the whole body.


Going back to a calm, healthy and relaxed life is the main aim in curing the anxiety disorder, and at the same time, is one of the best ways of over coming the panic.

There are many ways to cure the panic attacks. All of them are related to eliminating or handling the stress.

  1. Sleep is one of the first steps to take in curing the disorder.
  2. The right food that makes sure you get the necessary minerals, proteins and vitamins, is also a great stress fighter.
  3. Private time that rejuvenates your spirit and calms the heart can be thought of as a type of food for the soul.

In the long run, if not treated in time, anxiety disorder panic attack can produce serious damage for most of the systems in the body.

If an anxiety attack is not handled properly, the heart takes punishment first and other organs.

The lungs, the heart, the cellular support have to compensate for the lack of energy in the brain, energy which is centered on the disorder.

Effectively a panic attack is a multi-system attack as opposed to being just about one organ or bodily system.

The solution is quite simple. Enjoy a normal, healthy and relaxed life style. That really is the best way of treating anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

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